Object No. 19:  Civil War Memorial

The Soldiers’ Monument at the Maysville Cemetery is one of the few Union monuments located south of the Mason-Dixon Line. It was dedicated on July 4, 1887.

Legend has it the prime location of the monument was a space reserved for the body of Daniel Boone if his remains were returned to the Commonwealth. When it became clear Boone’s body would stay in Missouri, the cemetery board donated the plot for the erection of a monument to Union soldiers who fought in The Civil War.

One of the inscriptions states: “This monument is erected in honor of the men who volunteered in the Union Army from Mason County, Ky. and served in the War of 1861-1865.”

Other inscriptions include:

“A People’s Tribute”

“We remember with gratitude the noble Union women of the war time”

“Erected A.D. 1887”

The monument is made of dark granite from the quarries of Barre, Vt. It was designed and constructed by Thomas Staniland and Son of Dayton, Ohio. It stands 42 feet above the foundation and includes a canopied statue of a woman’s figure titled “Memory” placing flowers on the grave of a soldier.

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The 14-foot shaft above the canopy holds a bronze badge of the Joseph Heiser Post No. 13 Grand Army of the Republic which was responsible for raising the $4,000 necessary to obtain and erect the memorial.

Atop the pillar is the statue of a soldier holding the American flag. The entire memorial was reported to weigh 95,400 pounds.

Dedication ceremonies covered in local newspapers included parades, receptions and public events in celebration of the nation’s 111th birthday and the unveiling of the Soldiers’ Monument.


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