Object No. 26: EAT sign

The classic 1950s neon sign conveyed a very simple message -- EAT.

For decades the sign enticed those who worked and shopped in downtown Maysville to come in and have some breakfast or lunch at Morgan's Restaurant, aka EATs on Second Street.

Homemade plates lunches were a specialty but you could also request a burger, cooked on the grill right inside the window.

Some may have called the diner crowded but to regulars "cozy" was a better description. Squeezed into booths or at tables, they waited patiently for familiar waitresses to deliver such famous delicacies as wilted lettuce salad, salmon cakes, homemade mac and cheese or strawberry shortcake to their tables.

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By the early 2000s the diner was closed and the building stood empty, the iconic EAT sign not only darkened but down. A few years later in 2006, both were rescued by the Watts.

The building is now owned by Simon and Laurie Watt, who reinstalled the neon EAT sign after purchasing the building because it is considered a local landmark. The signage now identifies Exquisite Art Treasures, the Watts business that is housed within the vintage location.

However to many, it will always symbolize the day when friends invited each other to "Meet me at EATS" for lunch.



Editor and reporter, covering Mason County.

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