Mural Front Street

In this file photo, this mural depicts Maysville's riverfront around 1850. Several modes of transportation are represented, showing how times were changing.

A stroll down Maysville's McDonald Parkway is more than just a walk -- it can be a trip back through the city's history via the floodwall murals.

The Maysville Floodwall Mural Project began in 1998. The latest mural was painted in 2007. The first murals featured scenes from Maysville's more distant past, including buffalo herds and hunters, along with the community's ties to the Ohio River. The final features singer, actress and Maysville native Rosemary Clooney.

In between the two, murals depict a pioneer family traveling on a flatboat down the Ohio River, the Germantown fair grandstand, a 1920s Market Street scene and a barn full of hanging tobacco.

Most of the paintings were created by artist Robert Dafford.

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The murals underwent a facelift in 2011 by muralist Herb Roe, one of the leading artists on the projects for Dafford Murals. Roe also touched up the paint and washed away mineral deposits on the murals fronting the French Quarter Inn parking lot, the Market Street mural and the Rosemary Clooney and Russell Theatre murals.

The floodwall murals have become a signature feature for the city and are a must-see for many visiting the area and for those who call Maysville home.



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