Object No. 33: Kinney Mack II

Snow falls steadily as Kinney Mack II passes along West Second Street in Maysville during the 2013 Maysville Twilight Christmas Parade.

It has become a goodwill ambassador to the community for the Maysville Fire Department.

The Kinney Mack II got its name from community volunteer Kinney McClanahan who served on the Washington Volunteer Fire Department, according to a history of the department. Kinney Mack was known as the volunteer who was always first on the scene and the last to leave.

The first engine named for Kinney Mack was a 1910 Knox which was also the first power-driven engine owned by the department.

The fire department was once located along with the Maysville City Hall in the first floor of the old Mason County Courthouse. But in the 1930s the city bought the L&N Depot where the fire department is now located. Coinciding with this move was a celebration at about the same time as the Maysville centennial in 1933.

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It was at this time the city ordered a state-of-the-art 1933 General fire truck and pumper from St. Louis. The 1933 General replaced the 1910 Knox as the community's primary fire suppression equipment and became known as the Kinney Mack II.

It served as the primary truck until 1947 when it was replaced with a 1947 Seagraves truck and pumper -- the Kinney Mack III.

The truck was restored several years ago and now is used primarily in parades.



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