Object No. 3: Market Street fountain

For residents and visitors alike, the Market Street Fountain is a landmark that provides a directional compass to the downtown business and residential districts.

Now situated at the south end of what is commonly called Middle Market Street, at the intersection with Third Street, the fountain has become a popular spot for couples to have engagement and wedding photographs taken. It has also become a popular backdrop with high school students attending proms at special event venues downtown.

The melodious sound of water flowing from the top basin into the pool below adds unique charm and character to the street that has been its home since circa 1900. Originally, the fountain had four caryatides (lady) sculptures; three on the base and one in the top basin. Over time, the top caryatide disappeared and its whereabouts or what happened to it is unknown.

At Christmas, the fountain is strung with white Christmas lights to form a Christmas tree and during past festivals, colored lighting replaced the standard spotlights, making the fountain a focal point.

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The fountain was given to the city by John N. Thomas in 1884. It was moved to Market Street around 1900 and was once used as a watering trough for horses. The fountain was moved to several locations on Market Street over the years before it was dismantled and moved to Beechwood Park on East Second Street in 1940.

For the next 37 years, the fountain rested on a marble base at the popular park, which hosted movies on the lawn, family picnics, and tennis competitions and was a focal point of social life in Maysville.

In 1977, the fountain was refurbished and returned to Market Street. Since then, the fountain has had a new stone base built, which is landscaped with perennial plants.



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