Object No. 31: Opera Theater

The Opera House and the Maysville Players -- an historic building and a community theater group with a bond that goes back more than half a century.

That's what prompted us to choose Maysville Players play programs, representative of how intertwined the two are.

The 600-seat theater, located on West Second Street in downtown Maysville, was built in 1885, and has hosted everything from minstrel shows to Broadway musicals.

The Maysville Players have used the theater for live productions and the group has owned the building since 1963.

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After years of wear and tear, the theater was found to be in need of serious repairs, including shoring up the foundation and repairing cracks in exterior walls. In late 2005, those repairs costing almost $3 million, began. By late 2006, the rehabilitation and restoration project was complete. A grand reopening featured performances by, of course, the Maysville Players.

The Opera House is the fifth oldest theater in continuous use in the U.S.

In 2007, Mike Thomas was hired to serve in the position of executive director of The Maysville Players, Inc., a role he continues to fill.



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