Object No. 20: Pioneer Cemetery

The Pioneer Graveyard, located behind the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center on Sutton Street, is the burial site for many of Maysville's earliest settlers.

Burials began in the graveyard as early as 1800, with the last burial in 1847. The city's growth meant the need for a larger space for burying its dead.

Neglected for many years and the victim of a poorly planned cleanup effort in the 1930s, the burial ground was finally cleaned and preserved in 1990 as part of a project by the Maysville Younger Woman's Club.

Among those buried at the site:

-- Charles Erb Wolfe, the first mayor of Maysville. He was elected in 1833 and became a casualty of the city's first major cholera epidemic a few months later.

-- Jacob Boone, a cousin of legendary frontiersman Daniel Boone with whom he ran a tavern on Front Street.

-- Margaret Armstrong, mother of four sons whom she brought to Kentucky from Ireland in the 1790s. Her son, John, was heavily involved in politics and business.

-- Peter Grant, a brother to the father of future President U.S. Grant.

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 There is at least one veteran of the American Revolution buried in the cemetery. Samuel DeHart was laid to rest there at age 81.

Thomas Brooks' burial in 1800 was the first in the graveyard; Mary McCullough's in 1847 was the last.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to the staff at KGMC for helping with this information.)



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