Object No. 14: Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge

The Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge surrounded by trees showing their fall colors. (Terry Prather)

For more than eight decades, the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge has graced the landscape and joined two states across the Ohio River.

Today it has become perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Maysville. Mayor David Cartmell once called the bridge “the architectural icon of Maysville.”

"It is what most people identify Maysville with," Cartmell said.

The bridge opened in 1931 after a two-year blitz build. Dravco Construction Co. and John A. Roebling Sons Co. were awarded the contract for the span.

Roebling is known for such famous bridges as the Brooklyn Bridge, which he also, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge is one of only 11 Roebling bridges left in America.

The suspension bridge was 3,163 feet and 11 inches long, with a central span 1,060 feet long. Cost was about $1.6 million.

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The bridge originally opened as a toll bridge. The toll was removed in 1945

Necklace lighting was installed in 2000 after a joint effort to raise approximately $140,000 between private citizens and a transportation grant. The lighting was turned off recently after electrical problems were discovered and efforts are underway to have it returned.

The historic bridge continues to connect communities and people and remains an icon for the city, county and area.



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