Object No. 21: Wald bicycle basket

Do you or one or your children, a niece, nephew or friend, have a bicycle with a basket on it?

If so, chances are that basket was made by Wald Manufacturing in Maysville.

From the company's web site: "Bicycle baskets were not the first product Wald invented. Rather, it was a bicycle tire repair tool. But it didn't take long for Grandpa Ewald and Uncle Herman to recognize what a difference the bicycle basket could be."

Wald Cycle Company, now Wald Manufacturing had its beginning about 1905 when the Pawsat brothers, Ewald and Herman, had a bike shop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where they invented and produced a tire repair tool.

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In 1924, they moved the company to Maysville,  where the company is still located and still producing American made parts for bicycles and other consumer goods.

During World War II, Wald was honored by the U.S. Armed Forces with the prestigious "E" Award for producing munitions reliably and efficiently.

Wald now supplements it bicycle business by producing products for automotive and appliance manufacturers, according to information on its web site.



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