Cathy Hughes

Some days are special.

The reasons are special too.

I was in Maysville Friday to announce the new publisher at The Ledger Independent after having the honor of filling in as interim publisher here since Jan. 1. You can read about Rod Baker in a separate story in today’s edition. That’s not what this story is about, even though the announcement makes Friday a very special day for the employees and readers of The Ledger Independent, your hometown newspaper.

What makes Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 even more special to me was my lunch at Chandler’s on Market Street Friday.

I took a break from the office and drove The Ledger Independent vehicle through Maysville’s beautiful and busy downtown, admiring the decorations and the Christmas music heard on the sidewalks. During my numerous trips to Maysville throughout 2017, I’ve been impressed with the welcoming atmosphere in this area: the civic-mindedness, the history, the bustling business community, and the friendly people.

How fitting that while preparing to leave, I had the most touching experience yet.

When my “check” came after my meal, I put my card on top of the ticket and realized it didn’t look right. I turned it over. There was no bill — just a note in memory of a very special person. And Friday’s date, Dec. 1, 2017 was the first anniversary of his death. The waitress explained that another diner had paid for my lunch and left the note for me.

I was touched. I turned around and told the people at the next table what had transpired. Then I said to myself or to anyone around: I’m from out of town and here with the newspaper — this is a story!

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So this is my Maysville Christmas story — how the memory of someone dear has been passed on through one good small deed to a perfect stranger — and how I will forever remember this special day in Maysville.

You have an amazing community here, and The Ledger Independent works hard to report on it adequately. I’ve been happy to have been a part of the team here, and I leave The Ledger Independent in good and capable hands.

See you again soon.



Editor and reporter, covering Mason County.

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